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Holistic Home Goods – Products With Meaning

Laura Benko - March 28, 2014

It began as simply my daughter and I wanting to make gifts with a deeper meaning for friends and family this past Christmas. We started months in advance. I thought that since we made our own body scrubs and candles anyway, we’d start there. Then we decided to add a soy candle to the “deluxe gift box”. read the full article

Feng Shui Your Computer

Laura Benko - March 18, 2014

Over 365 million people in the world own a computer. Whether its purpose for you is research, connectivity, entertainment, functionality or work, your dependence upon it can take up a significant portion of your life. With so much time in your life dedicated to this digital machine, you are going to need effectual ways to deal with the downside of all that it comes with. Here are four different tips to immediately implement. read the full article

It’s Official! My Book Deal Announcement For The Holistic Home!

Laura Benko - February 26, 2014

For thirteen years I have been working on my book. It started with me taking notes after each one of my Feng Shui consultations over the years and then sharing some of these client anecdotes (with names and identifying characteristics changed) during my Feng Shui lectures. People loved these stories. Their responses were overwhelming! Feedback on the course review surveys would mention the client anecdotes as their favorite part. Some lined up after the lecture was over to tell me that that was the highlight for them or what they found the most interesting. It helped them wrap their brains around this esoteric subject and relate to it in ways that they deeply connected with. read the full article