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The Holistic Home Company Has Launched!

Laura Benko - July 29, 2014

So happy to say that The Holistic Home Company has officially launched! It started with my daughter Lulu and I wanting to make handmade Christmas gifts with meaning for friends and family. When mass feedback arrived “you should seriously consider making these professionally” I laughed. I didn’t have the time – especially with my book coming out next year. After being in development for a TV show, suddenly potential investors came around for meetings with me that left me feeling read the full article

A Lesson In Letter Press & Life

Laura Benko - July 11, 2014

Within five minutes of meeting Peggy Vance, I had to tell her that she had great energy. She is something special. Peggy is a woman with an easy breezy conversational style that exudes both warmth and interesting information on any given topic . You immediately feel at ease around her. While staying at Highland Farm in Chatham, NY she invited my family and I into her studio to learn letterpress printing. We all jumped at this opportunity to see her in action and discover some insights into this old fashioned art. read the full article

How My Bone Marrow Cancer Became A Blessing

Laura Benko - May 29, 2014

In 2001 I came down with a bad upper respiratory cold and upon a routine doctor visit, my blood work indicated something more serious was going on. After quickly being diagnosed with a rather grave prognosis, my head was in a WTF spin when 24 hours later my primary care physician was suggesting an “inevitable” bone marrow transplant and a maximum of four years left to live. read the full article