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The Power and The Beauty of Essential Oils

Laura Benko - January 16, 2015

Essential oils are more than just a heady, intoxicating, concentrated scent that transports you to other worldly places. Each drop contains molecular DNA information from the plant, leaves, roots or flower they are steam distilled and cold pressed from. That means, if processed correctly, the plants intelligence is alive and active and can really have an impact on your state of mind, health and mood. read the full article

My Interview In Healing Lifestyles & Spas

Laura Benko - January 3, 2015

Recently I was interviewed by Bess O’Connor for an article on color therapy that was featured in Healing Lifestyles and Spa’s. Bess asked some great questions. Read on to discover ways that color is effecting you.
By Bess O’Connor read the full article

Don’t Forget To Clean The Energy of Your Home!

Laura Benko - December 29, 2014

With the New Year here, most people feel motivated to start it off by doing a deep cleaning of their home. Organizing and cleaning the dirt, grease and grime are all essential, but have you thought about cleaning your home’s energy? Over time, the predominant emotion that occurs in your space gets imbued in the energetic matrix of your home. Whether thats illness and arguments or love and laughter or a mix of both, your home’s atmosphere could use a deep cleaning and the New Year is a perfect time to do so.
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